UEMG at a glance


Urban Essential Media Group started in 2011. The group started because they felt that part of the industry was not being catered for. The unique selling point of being a DJ had gone and we wanted to bring it back through events.

We are a group have 30 years experience of being involved in events at various levels. From bar staff, DJ, door staff, security and being part of a promotion team.

Our vision is to provide high quality entertainment to both clients and consumers at an affordable price.

Part of the idea and the development some parts of the website (photography) was to give people an opportunity to experience some of the events that at least one of our DJs have played in or we have been involved in the promotion of. We wanted to give people who do not have social media for what ever reason the opportunity to experience photos, music videos etc


What we offer

A service second to none…

Its not many people that will put in the amount of background work that we do

Versitle DJs

We have a range of DJs that can provide your the music style and choice that you require

Video Disk Jockey

Nowadays a growing number of DJs are incorporating video/visuals into their sets. The presenters at UEMG make use of two. Video DJing is a concept and a unique selling point for us

Like the Serato Video plugin for Serato Scratch Live and Serato DJ, and like Virtual DJ‘s built-in video capabilities, the MixVibes Video Plug-In is designed to let DJs play, mix and scratch video files using the same workflow they’re used to with audio. Read our MixVibes Video Plug-In review to see if it’s for you…

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