Music Presenter Ganzi

DJ Name : Ganzi

Age : Unknown

Sex : Male

Location : West Midlands

Specialist Music Styles : R&b,Popular Music, Reggae,House

Influences : Daddy Stones

Where have you DJ’d before : Various night clubs

Current residencies : Fletchers Wine Bar

Special Events :All events are special

How long have you a DJ : 22 Years

How long have you been DJ-in @ club level :

Minimum Fee : £150

Nights available for work : 24/7

MP Ganzi boasts over 20 years of experience as a DJ.

Ganzi has been in the industry since 1991 when he was just a teenager playing at youth events all round the city of Birmingham. After leaving school he became involved in local sound system (D.J Group) called Stereo Classic. The group became successful in their hometown but never managed to land any serious contracts. Ganzi had greater ambitions and in 1997 decided to go solo. Leaving Stereo Classic was a big step for Ganzi, they had created a name for themselves but as an individual the name Ganzi was fresh. To further harden the situation all the music he had accumulated over the years was still with the group minus two small record boxes, less than a quarter of the music he had brought over the years. Ganzi’s decision was made as his determination to succeed saw that he stuck out he’s new solo career.

Things were slow for a while, however in 1999 Ganzi released his 1st CD ‘Real Reggae’ which bypassed what he could of ever imagined. As I direct result of the CD Ganzi, in 2000 started up a local community radio station ‘Smooth Fm 94.4’ to fill a niche he had detected in the market. In less than 6 months Ganzi was being contacted by record labels and well known promoters. The future was looking bright the name Ganzi was becoming a household one; finally he was getting the recognition that he always wanted and deserved. In September 2001, all the hard work began paying off became a resident DJ at one of Birmingham’s popular Saturday nights at a city centre club called New Orleans. After 5 months a new promoter took over and Ganzi decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Ganzi has played in clubs internationally (Jamaica & Greece) and nationally, Cardiff, Bristol, Luton, Leeds, Leicester, Derby, Coventry, Bath, Preston, London, to name just a few. Biggest crowd he has entertained is 5,000.

New years eve 2004 (31/12/2004) Ganzi was offered a last minute booking at an uptown Venue (Chi Bar), As usual Ganzi did what his reputation assured people and once again the club offered him a residency Friday & Saturday. Ganzi took advantage of the club having so much faith in him and eventually he and a friend hosted their own uptown nights, the pyjama jam & the all white party being the most memorable.

In August 2006 Ganzi started up an online Internet station to cater for people who liked, love & appreciate all for of good music.


In January 2012 Ganzi wanted to separate himself from the average DJ, so he invested time and finances into developing his video library resources and skills. Nearly two years on despite the video music industry for DJs not yet taking off, Ganzi is propelling himself to be among the top Video DJs in the country…

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